If we want that everything remains as it is,
we have to allow that everything is changing.

(Tomasi di Lampedusa)

What is the difference between persons with 100% success and those with 200% success?

Let me share my knowledge with you:

200% successful persons have a 200% awareness of their thinking, feeling and proceeding and can use it systematically.

200%-persons don’t allow others to direct their future, but take control themselves.

200%-persons live the life, the relationships and enjoy the financial freedom they are entitled to.

And what do persons with 100% success have in common with those with 200% success?

They are normal persons. Humans like you and I. This means:

Also you can have 200% success,  200% freedom, live a 200%-life.

Sometimes hardly anything has to change. Sometimes temporarily nothing is the same so that something new can emerge.

It is essential that you can distinguish one from the other and act accordingly.

Are you prepared? Then read on!